A couple weeks ago God shared with me something so special for this next year that I have to get out to the world, and it’s only one word-accepted.

What do I need to do this year to be better?” I asked myself as I stared at a blank sheet of paper titled NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. Immediately, thousands of thoughts crammed my brain from every aspect of life: “Stress less”, “Read more of your Bible”, “Pray more consistently”, “Spend more time with family”, “Memorize every verse in the bible”, and the list goes on and on. Many thoughts were super irrational (like memorizing the whole bible), and many were super reasonable (like spending more time with my family). Within about 30 seconds I was overwhelmed by the millions of ideas.

How could I possibly get all of this done by the end of this year… Knowing my resolutions last year were the same and I didn’t feel like I completed any of them. 

With a deep breath, God spoke- accepted. Everything just clicked then, and I can’t even really explain how (by the grace and love of God most definitely).

All of my life I have been determined to become perfect. If that means cursing less, being nicer, smiling more, dressing more modest, encouraging others, quoting scripture, speaking on stage, no matter what, I did it. Looking back I have realized that it never was really for God, but merely for my own image. This mentality was rooted by the thought that I wasn’t accepted the way that I was. To me, I always had to be better in some sort of shape or form so that people would like me and want to be around me… More oddly, I wanted to be perfect so that when it was time for guys to choose their wife, I would be worth fighting for, or in their running line up (super selfish- I know).

Crazy, right?

I’ve always known this was a problem, and I could name it anytime someone asked. I knew the root and I knew the actions, but I never did anything to change it. I guess the idea of being perfect outweighed the idea of being free in some way, so when God spoke to me this word I honestly felt a bit sad.

So you actually mean no more trying to be perfect in hopes to be accepted by you and everyone else, God? That’s a crazy world to live in for me. But I am ready to embrace God’s acceptance.

James 1:18 “…and, we, out of all creation, became his PRIZED possession.”

No more putting on a mask of who I aught to be anymore. Everything that I am is loved and embraced by God. He says that WE are HIS PRIZED POSSESSION! We are to him like our phones are to us in this day and age- we never go anywhere without it, we use it for almost everything that we need, and we would be devastated to lose it (except for the fact that he sees us as way more valuable than a phone).

Psalm 139:13 “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

He created you in his own image. He created you separate from the person to the right or left of you. He gave you your own unique laugh, beauty marks, voice, as well as your own interests, goals, and hobbies. He created you and he sees you as perfect in his eyes. We are loved and accepted by him. If we weren’t, then he wouldn’t have sacrificed his son in our place- end of story.

HIS view of me is the only one who matters. Not the friend’s who didn’t invite me to their gatherings or the boys who don’t like me because of the way I talk or dress or laugh. None. Because at the end of the day, I don’t stand before them and give the account of my life, and they aren’t the ones who open the gates of Heaven for me.

So this is my stand against the list of New Year’s resolutions. This is my stand for all teenagers and young women- you are accepted for who you are. You cannot resolutionize (totally made up word) yourself to perfection, and God has never asked you for such a thing. YES- goals are awesome. YES- it is okay to strive to be a better person than yesterday. BUT NO- you do not have to be perfect to be accepted. We will NEVER reach that point on earth. Romans 3:23 says “We all fall short of the glory of God”. We will never be GOOD ENOUGH! But let’s love who we are in the process of going home.

You are L.oved, A.ccepted, and C.omplete – You L.A.C nothing (Psalm 23:1)



3 thoughts on “Accepted”

  1. Great to find this post of yours. It’s exactly what my post or today is about! (Though I think you expressed it much better than I did!)

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