Welcome to my heart, literally. Everything written in this blog is like heart vomit. I promise it isn’t as bad as it sounds, it’s just the only word that fits. It’s a blog for the imperfect, the passionate, and the human, so if you’re one or all you’ll fit right in. Kick back, grab some cookies, and join the party.

In this small corner of the world wide web, you find my words. Tucked sporadically and often messily behind prayers and love. I write to encourage. I write to inspire. I write to empower. I find that words soften the heart and enrich the soul. When you’re going through bad times or literally just need to hear “you got this!”- you get it all right here.

You can be yourself, and you can find comfort knowing that I shed every ounce of perfectionism at the touch of my keyboards. We’ll cry together, laugh together, and figure out life together. I mean that’s all I’m doing through these blogs. Figuring it all out. Because I haven’t. I write sloppy and sometimes lose my train of thought 2 hours in. All I ask that you cover me with grace- I’m still learning.

My blog is just inspired by a passion for young women to be empowered. I have a heart in hot pursuit of the Lord and chocolate chip cookies. I come from a big city with big lights and big dreams, and my life reflects the same atmosphere- big. Whether it’s from my dreams of seeing the hundreds of girls in my youth ministry draw closer to God to my visions of writing a book one day, it’s all B I G. I basically run on creative juices, but have a hard time discipling myself to actually run. I love 3am study dates with my gals, adventuring to coffee places I’ve never been, watching chick-flicks on Netflix, and making impulsive decisions to “switch things up” when I get bored. I’m weird in that I am the most outgoing and also the most awkward person you will ever meet. This is me. In all my emotions, jacked upness, and love.

So welcome to my roller coaster. I hope you find all you could ever hope for right here.




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