There’s more than enough.

As I walked into the house for life group, my favorite person ever came to greet me. His name is Ford (or I call him Fordie). He’s 4 and has the cutest smile and the biggest imagination. He loves Saturday nights because it’s when all the “girls” come over and it’s also when he gets to eat all the yummy food we prepare after we talk. Tonight, was waffle night, and that is apparently his favorite.

So-much-so his favorite, that he made it a point an hour prior to facetime me and tell me that I had to come to the house RIGHT NOW so that he could have a waffle (well, he called them Laffles). I reassured him that I had enough to make a million “laffles” if he wanted, but even when I got there, he seemed skeptical. He stuck beside me the whole time to make sure that I was keeping to my promise. He even begged to be a part of the process of the waffle making to make sure it got done- grabbing eggs, pouring oil, and even checking the temperature of the waffles once done to make sure they were cool enough. At one point he even tried to refrain from using the bathroom for fear that I would make the waffle without him.

He thought that he was going to miss out. That if everyone came before he got a chance to eat one, that there would be none left over for him. What he didn’t know is that I had already prepared to have enough to make him one. I came into the group that night knowing that he would be there and that he would want a waffle, and so I bought enough so that he could have all the waffles his tummy could handle. I even told him before I came that he already had a waffle with his name written all over it, but it was hard for him to trust that was true if he couldn’t see it in front of him.

In the end, as I watched him sitting at the table, shoving the whole waffle in his mouth filled with syrup and butter, all I could see was myself.

All of my life I have felt like I was going to miss out on my calling. That I was going to wake up one day and God would throw his hands in the air like, “Sorry babe, you didn’t get here fast enough. All of the spots are filled.”

If you have ever felt this way before, I don’t blame you. We live in a world that has always said that there’s not enough. There’s not enough money, there’s not enough jobs, there’s not enough success. If you want it, you better start pushing your way to the top and speeding up the process because the spots at the table of dreams are filling up and they’re filling up fast. I’ve even heard the saying “If you don’t do it, then God will find someone who will.”

This created a fear in me. It created a fear in me that my calling is first come first serve and if I don’t get to movin’ then someone will replace me. That God won’t want me anymore. That my calling will go stale, I’ll miss out on purpose, and I’ll have to watch someone else take that place.

Having this mindset made me skeptical about God, much like Fordie was skeptical about my waffle making. I couldn’t see my dreams unfolding. I couldn’t see fruit. I couldn’t see a clear “calling” in front of me. So, I began to assist God in the process. I would step ahead of him, trying to pour oil in areas that didn’t need any, stir up things that weren’t ready yet, and try to cook ingredients that were still missing things.

I have read in his word a million and one times that he has a plan and a purpose for me. I have read that he calls, and he equips. That he works everything out for the good of those who love him. But I was still unwilling to leave for a bathroom break for fear that while I was gone someone would steal my waffle, or I was unwilling to step back and let God work his magic for fear that if I didn’t step in it would never get done.

This kind of fear makes you paranoid. Every time someone around you has a success, it makes you feel like a failure. Every time someone takes on the same passion as you of writing, photography, painting, speaking, leading, etc. It makes you feel as if you’re playing musical chairs with the seat at the table God has set and they just stole your chair from you.

There’s this passage in Luke 9. It’s when Jesus feeds the 5 thousand people in front of him with five loaves of bread and two fish. Now, if you’re thinking like me, then you’re dumbfounded because I can easily eat 5 loaves and 2 fish by myself. BUT somehow these loaves and fish keep getting multiplied and distributed to ALL 5 thousand people and when all have eaten and were SATSIFIED, there were left overs.

I’ve been trying to ask myself the question, “God, who are you in this passage?” every time I read. I want to know about the character of God. When I asked him today, he said “I am a God of left overs”.

See, at the end of life group, all of the girls got their waffles and there were left overs. Ford didn’t have to worry in the first place because there was enough. Actually, there was more than enough to go around.

God is the same way. He doesn’t just give what we need, he gives even more. There is always room, there is always enough. His table is never filled and the chair he has for you has your name written on it. He won’t ALLOW anyone else to take it. You don’t have to fight for it, you don’t have to compete for it. It is yours. It’s been yours since you were created in the womb.

The dreams and the visions and the callings you believe God has for you may not LOOK like they are being fulfilled. You may not see fruit, followers, people, books, or skills quite yet, but trust him in the waiting. Trust him in the process. Your waffles are being made to perfection, and even if you take a bathroom break, no one is going to take them.

Now, if you never step up to the plate of your calling, it doesn’t mean that someone else is going to replace you. It just means that the world misses out. They miss out on the piece of Jesus that God has called YOU to give. God may use someone else to reach the same people, but it won’t be in the same way, the same effectiveness. Only YOU can unlock the calling God has for you. If you try to be anyone else, you won’t be able to unlock their calling, and no one can try to be you and unlock yours.

There is no plan B. There is you. So, find freedom in celebrating others and celebrating yourself. Give tips to people who are trying to do the same things as you and be their biggest cheerleader in their success. Let God work his magic and take bathroom breaks when needed. Eat lots of waffles and know there are so many left overs. You are a world changer, babe. Never forget it!