thrifting w/ brooke.



Here’s a sneak peak into one of my favorite things to do in the world. Besides long strolls to the kitchen and sleeping in past 8am, finding old goodies and making them into new pieces of gold comes in at a close 3rd place. Since I have started leading in youth, I have always wanted to show girls what it means to be fashionable and modest and to do it for CHEAP at that! So this is how:

This past year I created an account called thrifting with Brooke. It’s a way for me to satisfy my retail therapy while also fulfilling my passion of helping people feel confident while paying a small price for it. At the start, all of the proceeds went to fund my mission trip to Alaska, but THEN I became fully funded and thought, “what’s next with this?”

I knew God wanted me continue it, SO I AM! Now 50% of the proceeds go to a missionary or organization or church group or whatever I feel like the Lord is calling me to give to and the other 50% goes to me for personal expensessss (b/c you know how life gets)

So share in my passion. Give it a follow. Bid if ya like it. Halla if you have ideas!

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